About Caroline

caroline-boatshed-crop-websiteCaroline is an NLP and Ontological coach. Alongside her career in leadership development and organisational culture change she is also an author and speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, and stress management practitioner with a keen interest in meditation, naturopathy, energy medicine and cellular health.

Born in the UK with Irish descent, Caroline started a sales and marketing career in the aviation industry. She first went to South Africa in 1996 to spearhead the set up and launch of Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airways. It was here that her innate curiosity about organisational psychology began to develop together with its profound impact on the health, performance and well-being of individuals.  She furthered her career as a leadership facilitator and organisational development practitioner working with a variety of methodologies to bring about transformation and change within organisations.

Today she specializes in developing leaders, teams and individuals using the ontological perspective which allows each person to unleash the unique ‘way of being’ required to be authentic together with the action required to become more self-authoring in life.

Her first book, Stop Worrying, Start living – a guide for the spiritual worrier/warrior, was prompted by her own inner struggles with burnout, depression and stress together with the yearnings to find greater meaning and purpose in life. The book takes readers on a journey to the inner reaches of their being using the archetypal patterns found in myths and folklore as a backdrop for conscious evolution.  In addition to her work as a leadership coach and facilitator, she runs ontologically based developmental workshops in various countries around the world,  which help people unleash the ‘hero’ in their own life while bringing their unique gifts and talents to the world.

Caroline’s warm, curious and perceptive facilitation style allows her to easily engage with people making her workshops an inspiring, interactive and safe place to be. Her passion and quirky humour are infectious allowing others to feel readily at ease and comfortable with understanding the Ontological approach to change and bringing about a new way of being in the world.